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Blog 14
Wild Dogs near Naabi Gate

Tembos in the Serengeti

Serengeti 26/09/2014

A few wonderful days on Game Drive in the Serengeti, the first day on Safari I encountered my first ever Wild Dogs, a group of 5 individuals just as I was arriving at Naabi Gate from NCA. The Game Drive continued via Simba Kopjes where I found a few Lions, sleeping in the mid-day sun as expected. The big surprise was to see so many Elephants everywhere in the central Serengeti, in their thousands over a 5 day period. On this day 2 individuals stuck out, one had a missing tip of his trunk and a second had crossed Tusks. Also lots of Zebras, possibly announcing an early Wildebeest Migration.
The 2nd day on Game drive took me from Seronera where I am based to Mawe Nyussi and Mawe Meupe where I found 2 cheetahs in the morning. Again just as many Elephants around, in the PM less predators but some Giraffes and big Buffalo herds.
The next day off to Bologanja, from there to Mara river to find the Wildebeest, nothing much on the way from Lobo via Bologonja. At Mara River just a few herds checking out the way to cross but not crossing in my presence. The Crocs had obviously had a lot in their bellies and not much energy in the blazing sun. A few young Lions were waiting for their luck too on my side of the river.
The last day on Game Drive was short but intense, just coming out from camp, a few minutes away a Leopard was resting high in an Acacia and I was lucky to arrive on the spot just as he decided to get down from his huge tree.
A great few days in the bush, especially around Seronera the animals were plenty.

Blog 12
On Safari with Wildlife Guides of Tanzania

back on Safari soon

Arusha, Tanzania 09/09/2014

I will be going back on Safari next week, pics will follow in a fortnight, just a bit of patience, I haven't been in the bush with cameras in a long time, am missing it and looking forward to my 8 days in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, I will be going up north to Bologonja where our new camp is situated, a new setting with lots of potential for great pics.

Blog 10
Ang'ata Camp Seronera

Going to the bush

Serengeti, Tanzania 21/05/2014

After a long few months in Europe and at the office in Arusha I am finally returning to the bush, be it just for 2 nights. I haven't been in the Serengeti since beginning of January this year, I heard the Migration is already present in Lobo, although it still consists of only a few herds here and there. I will be situated to the south in Seronera so I don't know how much to expect. I hope I'll bring back a few nice shots anyway

Blog 9
Olive Baboon in the rain

Going to Tanzania

Brussels, Belgium 17/04/2014

I am in full preparations for my departure to Arusha tomorrow, the rains are there big time, good news, I'm looking forward to take pics in the lush green vegetation with happy animals

Blog 6
Agama Lizard at N'gong Rocks, Serengeti

Welcome to my new Website

Brussels, Belgium 11/04/2014

I would like to wish a warm welcome to all of you, this website is dedicated to wildlife photography. I will update with new Safaris and pics on a regular basis, this blog will keep you up to date as things happen. Please don't hesitate to rate my pics and contact me if you would like more info or order prints. I hope you will enjoy this new website, sincerely yours, Frank M Hinrichs

Blog 7
Blue or Sykes Monkey

NHM - BBC preselection

Brussels, belgium 01/04/2014

This shot has been preselected by the 1st Jury of the National History Museum's and BBC's 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' 2014 competition, I'm excited and hope it will get further up the line